Monday, May 2, 2011

Maybe I should turn this into a tumblr where I just re-blog awesome snacking related photos that I find on the web. At least until I get the will to write something serious.

Anyway, no grand piece addressing donuts just yet.

Deal with it.

Maybe I'll do a cookies piece.

Recent snacking habits have consisted of some intense cereal eating. At night. An hour or two before bed.

Just finished off a box of Fruit Loops.

That's what a box of Fruit Loops looks like.

I love that feeling when you take the bag out of the box to check how much is left and it looks like a quarter left and you sit down and think to yourself "I'm gonna finish this off."

And you do.

Sounds like something I would say. Except I can't because I don't know anyone with a free lifetime supply of Fruit Loops.