Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Drought...

The drought of Snackmaster posts has also been accompanied by a slight drought in snacking.
Last week I did very little snacking. Which is still a poor excuse for not blogging, but nonetheless...
Lunchtime snacking had been down to a minimum, and I was pretty busy at night leaving only time for dinner.

Good news: The Snackmaster photo-shoot bag of treats is nearly depleted! At the bottom of this once mighty sack remains only a handful of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, a bag of Tropical Skittles, a bag of Tangy Twister Mike and Ikes and some York Peppermint Patties. I have a feeling it might be some time before even these get eaten; they're all kinda either niche snacks or one-is-already-too-much snacks.

I want to talk about Drake's Funny Bones. I had a package of these the other day, perhaps the 4th or 5th time in my life that I've eaten them. Now first of all, Drake's is a pretty stand-up Hostess replacement as far as packaged pastry snacks go. I had remembered enjoying the Funny Bones in the past so I thought I was making a slam dunk when purchasing them a few days ago. For those who don't know, Funny Bones are the shape of a human finger, except maybe a little bit bigger (depending on the dude). They are essentially chocolate frosted chocolate cake pastries filled with "peanut butter".
Pretty much everything about them is solid with the exception of the "peanut butter". Here's where my memory had failed me. Instead of having a delicious candied peanut butter, like Peanut Butter Twix for instance, Drake's peanut butter is kind of muddy and the flavor is not quite on point. Add to that the fact that the peanut butter color itself is a dark brown, and you begin to grow skeptical. All criticism aside, Funny Bones are really not bad, there are just many more products out there that are better. Fortunately, there are 3 per package. In The Snackmaster's world, more is definitely better; especially when you are dealing with a mediocre product. And credit must be given to Drake's as well. All in all they are a decent company. The Yodels and Devil Dogs are pretty slammer. Drake's is also places where other competing brands are not. There has been many a gas station convenience store that I've walked into with an embarrassing selection of Hostess products, only to be redeemed by a healthy Drake's selection. It's times like these when diversity of taste and resiliency of snack character truly pay off.


  1. OK first of all just gotta say thank you Snackmaster for this inspiring blog - I am currently not living in the USA, and reading your entries allows me fantasize about eating those delicious faraway treats.

    And also I must say I've been waiting for you to mention Funny Bones, and Drake's in particular. As a kid my brother always used to be into Reese's cups and for me the salty peanut butter inside was always a bit too intense, but somehow the more mild peanut butter flavor, additionally tempered by the softness of the cake made Funny Bones a more inviting peanut-butter-flavored treat for me.

    And yes, the Devil Dog is certainly worthy of praise. I love the way the cake, while moist, has this dryness to it that makes it stick to the top of your mouth. How many come in a pack now? When I was little it was usually just one, which was never quite enough.

    But speaking of peanut butter, a few entries ago you mentioned peanut butter M&Ms, the softness of which I always found unique among the line, but I've also noticed multiple mentions of peanut butter twix in your blog. I thought twix discontinued all of their flavors besides original in the early 90s some time. I remember when they stopped selling cookies and cream, fudge, PB, etc. Have they come back? Or perhaps, being from Boston, I've come upon a woeful regional snack restriction.

    So anyway, thanks for the mouth-watering descriptions, and don't sweat having a lower-consumption week, I think we all need one of those every once in a while.


  2. Michael, you give a lot to respond to: Awesome.

    I think you hit it right on the head with the saltiness of the peanut butter in Reese's being what makes it stand out more. I always felt that that's what makes it exceptional, but recently I have been feeling, as you probably do, that it is a bit much. I've found that due to the density of the flavor, I can't really eat more than one cup per sitting. I didn't always feel this way: I remember when Reese's first released their line of straight up peanut butter in the plastic tubs I was SO pumped to try it out assuming that the peanut butter would be identical to that in the Cups. Alas, turns out Reeses didn't have the guts to to provide such gluttonous wish fulfillment; it is pretty similar to most top peanut butter brands out there.

    As for the Devil Dogs, I am not absolutely sure but I believe they come 2 in a pack. Keep in mind they are much bigger in size than the Funny Bones. I apologize I can't be absolutely certain, the last few times I've seen Devil Dogs, it has been in the supermarket in the 10 - 12 pack box.

    Lastly, indeed, the Peanut Butter Twix are still around. Unfortunately, they are a bit different. They switched out the regular white cookie, that are still in Caramel Twix, with a chocolate cookie. I still eat them, but it's kinda not quite the same.

    Thanks for reading dude! Appreciate the comments!