Monday, April 11, 2011

Still working on these Maltesers right now.
Damn, shits are good.

This is where it's at for me as far as breakfast is concerned nowadays.
The days of separating the oat pieces out of bowls of Lucky Charms are behind me and I need to eat a breakfast that can feel like it's somewhat nutritious. There is something about these that make me eat bowl after bowl after bowl.

Baked up some Pumpkin bread. I had two of these boxes of Pillsbury quick bread mixes left over from Thanksgiving of last year. Finally got around to baking one up on Sunday night. Totally forgot that I got these in my snack package from Cody and Anna:

Extra Puur. Because standard Puur isn't good enough. Yeah, I was thinking of putting these chocolate sprinkles on Pumpkin bread. Not the most standard or logical of decisions, but who cares. I'm sure it'll taste good.
The Snackmaster fun fact: These easy-to-prepare boxes of baked breads/cakes/brownies were once MUCH easier to make. Back in the 60's they got the powder mixture perfected so that all you had to do was add water, stir, pour and then bake. However, focus groups determined that people wanted to feel like they were more engaged in the preparation process, so they redesigned the prep routine for you to add eggs and oil. I guess people felt too depersonalized by such an easy process and wanted to still feel like they were adding their own touch to it. I'm lazy. I'd rather just add water. Meh.

Also grubbing:

These I HAVE found in the States quite often. They're really easy to find at those "higher end" bodegas in NYC. The European or Asian bodegas will often carry them, although not in this precise form. These are smaller bars consisting of 5 bite size partitioned pieces. This pack of 16, however, carries more weight and lasts longer than a single store bought bar.

Next time on The Snackmaster: "Donuts. Are you doing it right?"

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