Saturday, January 9, 2010

Help The Snackmaster Out

The Snackmaster wants your help/feedback. While I'm certainly nowhere near blogged out, I feel like I may be missing out on covering some truly important snacks. I want you to utilize the comments section below to offer suggestions of snacks that you would like to see me blog about. I am committed to exploring new options so if that means that there are some awesome foreign treats or regional rarities, I am willing to do some research and, if it is possible, mail order them.

Have I missed anything really big? Anything truly important?
Are there any new brand extensions that seem promising?
Are there snacking techniques that you've heard about that deserve attention?
Do I need to broaden my horizons? What exactly does that look like?
What's REALLY good?
Please try and remember the goal of The Snackmaster: don't offer suggestions of fruits or other healthy foods, unless there is some exceptionally guilty-feeling response you get from eating it.

And please, do not refrain from commenting if you have come upon this post months from now. I will regularly check back.


  1. Hey! thought you stopped blogging! Well, whats up. You need to get your butt back on AA...

  2. oh yeah! one other thing.. whats your email thing? ive been having problems figuring out how to send you a message via blog.. and I dont know your primary email

  3. Pepsi/Dew Throwback seems to fit here :)

  4. Cocoa Krispies, my favorite cereal, is not part of the shrine. I would like an explanation.

    Also, you should try my favorite breakfast sandwich combination: bagel, ham, egg and cream cheese. Most people seem to be repulsed by this combo.

  5. I think the new KFC double down deserves some attention. Although if you feel like ut too risky i understand