Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cadbury Heroes

Recently my brother, Liam, and his beautiful wife, Christine, went abroad. I made them promise to bring me back some foreign snacks. One of their stops was in England and Cadbury Heroes was the selection made.

Firstly, a name like this is a bold statement. To an avid comic book collector and true snack connoisseur, putting the word "Heroes" in the name of your product is a risky endeavor. So, you may ask, did Cadbury succeed in living up to the name Heroes? Sure, why not, I guess. Frankly they didn't fail. This product is truly exceptional, but no more so than dozens of other snacks I can think of. Cadbury Heroes is an assortment of some of Cadbury's finest chocolate products. Let me break it down item by item:

Cadbury Creme Egg "Twisted" - This is basically a miniature version of a Cadbury Creme Egg. Having previously discussed this before, the only thing I could add in regards to this incarnation is the fact that the creme to chocolate ratio is a bit more even. This is neither a plus nor a minus. I have learned to love the excess of creme that one must face in the standard egg, but am also pleased to enjoy a more reasonable balance.

Cadbury Dairy Milk - This is two small squares of Cadbury's signature milk chocolate. As a kid, whenever a family member visited a European country this is what was brought back. The idea being that the chocolate from over there was clearly superior to any in the states; I must substantiate, from my experience, that this is true.

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Caramel - Easy comparison : Caramello. However, using Cadbury's milk chocolate clearly places this a few tiers above the dry and less milky chocolate of Caramello. The caramel insides are about the same in flavor and texture.

Cadbury "Twirl" - Not a real big fan of this one. It's like layers of thin, dryish chocolate overlapping each other while leaving smalls pockets of air to form a crispy small chocolate bar. Nothing real special about it. I'm a fan of chocolate straight up or accompanied with some delicacy. No need to find a different way to present/form it for me to enjoy it.

Cadbury "Eclairs" - This reminds me of Sugar Daddys or Bit o Honey. Some weird caramelly-taffy type stuff. Not really big on these either. There is a small bit of chocolate in the center. It's kind of weird but whatever.

Cadbury Bournville - Dark chocolate. It is what it is. Not a real big fan of dark chocolate.

Cadbury "Fudge" - This truly deserves the quotation marks I've been putting on some of these. This is definitely not fudge. My best guess is that it some sort of confectionary/chocolate blend created to taste like fudge. It's still pretty good. It looks like a mini Twix bar, but with a soft, chewy consistency.

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The Snackmaster Thank Yous:

Much thanks to Ashley for hooking me up with some of these:

and to Cody and Anna for these:

The nameless top one can only be imagined as a "Fruity Rainbow Fun Stick."


  1. yes! the eclairs were my dad's favorite thing in england. i think they are better if they're fresher and chewier.

  2. Ever watch NBC's 'Heroes' with Hiro while eating Heroes with a gyro?

  3. First of all, I must say that I'm overjoyed to see you blogging again. And this latest post certainly didn't disappoint. I've always wondered whether international snacks were a part of your vision, but I certainly wouldn't have been bold enough to suggest it myself. I'm very excited to see where you take this.

    However, with all due respect Snackmaster, I think you may have misunderstood Twirl. While your description of the initial mouthfeel is apt, Twirl is in fact my favorite of Cadbury's impressive line and perhaps even my favorite plain chocolate bar altogether. It is altogether different from the gimmicky bubbly chocolate bars such as Aero (another European/Canadian import).

    To find out why, take a medium-sized bite, be patient, and let it melt in your mouth. You'll see that Twirl's ribbonlike structure is in fact the ultimate format for what Cadbury's flagship milk chocolate already excels in: a smooth, intensely rich meltability, with just enough grainy pastiness to make it stick to your tongue for a long, sweet afterglow.

    Please don't take this the wrong way - I have the utmost deference for your impeccable taste - I just wanted to make sure this gem wasn't mistakenly overlooked.