Friday, January 1, 2010

The Snackmaster : The Reboot

The Snackmaster has taken quite a break, but I believe I am ready to start blogging again. Many thanks to all the (quite unexpected, at times) people who came up to me randomly at parties or out and about and let me know that they enjoy the blog. There would be no reboot without those incidents.

I started the year off like many others: hung over.
My friend Soren was in NYC for the New Years and we hit up a very necessary, rehabilitating brunch at a Latino diner down the street from me in Bushwick. Nothing really special about the place, but it is a favorite of mine on weekend mornings when I am struggling. Stuff is cheap, but more importantly, classic american greasy diner breakfast.

I had: two scrambled eggs (ended up being not that greasy, and not runny: perfect), cheapo sausage links, home fries, and an extremely generic plain bagel grilled with cream cheese.

Soren had: French toast made from regular sized sliced bread (nothing special looking AT ALL) and bacon.

We both had: Really good, cold water in tall glass mugs, a small cup of coffee (super watery, bodega style coffee: my favorite) in a paper cup.

While I have been away, I have been busy:

My bedroom; my shrine.

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