Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Action 3/14 - 3/15/09

I was craving some Junior Mints on Friday night so I decided to make a trip to the Rite Aid down the street from me with the intention of making an investment for the weekend. I had forgotten that this Rite Aid, incredibly, does not sell Junior Mints. Nonetheless, I went in with the goal of stocking up and I wasn't going to come out disappointed. Once I got in the Rite Aid, I noticed that they had started stocking up candy for Easter. You know, the type of deal where they dedicate an entire half aisle to Easter candy. Bong bong.
Let me break it down piece by piece:

I'm a yellow Peeps type of guy. I know that it's just food coloring and there's no difference but still. I feel less disgusting eating yellow Peeps than when I eat the pink ones. The pinks, for obvious reasons, just seem unnatural. Now, I know Peeps are a very divisive type of candy. You kind of either love them or are insultingly disgusted by them. I'm really no different, but I've seen both sides of the issue. When I was younger I just couldn't deal with Peeps. I'm sure it was something about the fact that they're ridiculously sweet and I think I used to have a hard time thinking about the texture of the outer coating in my mouth. But, I got over them, in much the same way I've had to get over other treats that I previously didn't like. There was a time when I NEEDED something candy-like and sweet and there was nothing but Peeps. Your mind has the amazing capability to bury grievances when you feel like you are backed into a corner. I downed a full row of 5 Peeps tonight.

Cadbury Creme Eggs:
Same thing with these as with Peeps. As a kid I just couldn't stomach them. To me they were just TOO rich. There was something about the center that intimidated me. The fact that you could only portion a small amount of the chocolate shell combined with the "soft fondant center" in each bite really turned me off. It was too much of an overload. Of course now that's the exact reason why I worship them so much and find myself longing for them at random moments throughout the year, waiting for Easter to come. But the transition here was something different than the Peeps revelation. I think I was always attracted to Cadbury Creme Eggs, and I always wanted to be able to take them on. I remember trying them again and again, even though I would have successive experiences of failure. Then, sometime in my early teens, I finally just started to completely enjoy every experience of eating a Cadbury Creme Egg. I had one of these tonight. It's do-able, but even The Snackmaster has a tough time eating two in one night.

Russell Stover Marshmallow Rabbit:
This may actually be the first time I've had something like this in Easter season. Typically, it's the Marshmallow Santas during Christmastime. My mother e-mails me before every Christmas asking what type of candy I hope Santa would leave for me in my stocking and the Marshmallow Santas are first on my list. These Rabbits are exactly the same. Perfect. I really can't think of any other product where you can find this type of marshmallow texture and flavor. It's really soft and really chewy and can melt quickly from just a touch of your finger. It has the consistency of a lightly roasted camp-fire marshmallow, but at room temperature. This may be the real treasure of my adventures this weekend, and I fully expect to go back to Rite Aid later this week to stock up again.

Palmer Solid Chocolate Bunny:
This was only a buck, and a 7oz bunny at that. That was a no-brainer. This can last me for a day or two. Palmer is not a name I would recognize if I just read it, but their logo is instantly recognizable to me as a classic Easter Candy company. The strange thing about this product is the wording on the package. Word for word it reads: "Palmer Happy Easter Milk Chocolate Flavored." I mean, I can tell it's a solid milk chocolate bunny so I guess they don't need to write it right there on the package; but most companies do. Also, Milk Chocolate "Flavored" got me a little worried. That makes it sound like some weird composite food that has been flavored "milk chocolate". Luckily, the ingredients list a normal mix of a chocolate recipe.
I haven't broken into this one yet. Solid milk chocolate is obviously not the main attraction of this ensemble. It's just a great back up to have around.

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