Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009

Day two of deep fry experiment:

Things were not all that better today, although there was one resounding success.
The Twinkie.
This was the one that I had the most faith in, and I was not let down.
The Twinkie was good.
The Twinkie was perfect.
I believe I deep fried it for the exact amount of time that I should have. It came out an even golden brown on the top and just a little bit yellow on the bottom, where the cream holes are found. Biting into it is a quick light crisp followed by some soft inner sponge cake and finally a slightly melted, somewhat gooey cream filling. Warm cream filling.
I believe that Twinkies are such a successful deep fry item because the cake portion is just primed for deep frying. Add to that the fact that the cake is already quite buttery, and you end up with a large flavor.
There was no guilt involved in eating the Twinkie.

Being the lazy, overzealous shlub that I am, I did not even do the most minimal research into finding out how to successfully prepare some deep fry dishes that I had heard of.
The result of this was me throwing a straight out-of-package Snickers Bar and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup directly into the grease with no prep. Had I googled "deep fried snickers" before hand I would have come upon a recipe instructing me to first freeze the Snickers and then batter it.
Needless to say the chocolates just melted and were not transformed in any meaningful way in flavor or appearance.

One item that I was looking forward to the most was Peeps. I threw in one Peep and watched it slowly disintegrate. Goodbye Peep, I had such high hopes for you.

I did, however, deep fry some generic brand Apple Newtons. While I didn't particularly enjoy eating them, I do not view this as a failure. They did not lose their physical integrity and came out tasting like a little apple fritter, crispy and tasty.


  1. i have to say, it is good someone is out there experimenting on the frying to let us know what's up. that being said, i think this frying trend might be a bad idea snackmaster. THAT being said, when i lived in rome my dutch room mate was ecstatic about aquiring a small electric pot with a basket that you dump oil in and fry whatever you want. the results were amazing. i'm sure you can find such an item in the big city. also, i think the lack of success on the chips is due to the grease not being hot enough

  2. The deep frying machine is a good idea, and I know that you can obtain one in the city or even better online. I should also mention that for the best results on frying twinkies and candy-bars alike is to use a batter. You can find recipes and instructions online, easy google search. Deep fried Mars bars and milky ways end up being quite the treat of fatty, chocolaty goodness.