Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Action 4/10 - 4/12

This weekend saw some quality snacking.
I went up to Philly to visit my friend Eric on Saturday night. A favorite pastime of ours is to hit up the grocery mart, slowly strolling up and down each and every aisle, grabbing a few things here and there. The idea is to acclimate oneself with the range of options at the same time seriously considering what one might be in the mood for later that evening.
I grabbed a bag of Pixy Stix and was pleasantly surprised that they are as good as I remembered.
Eric's roommate, Jose, and I tried out some new Ben and Jerry's Ice cream. It was the John Lennon brand Ben and Jerry's called "Imagine Whirled Peace" and was a mixture of sweet cream ice cream, toffee, caramel and a few other things... It was pretty good.
I also got a regular size tin of Sara Lee Poundcake and a lone Cadbury Creme Egg.

The excitement of the night, however, came about when Eric brought out the wok filled with vegetable oil for some deep-frying. I had never actually seen this done and was excited about the possibilities... Unfortunately this didn't happen until late in the night/early morning, after I had already eaten a lot, so my natural creativity with this was stunted. While Eric fried up some fresh tortilla chips (which were outstanding), Cody threw out the idea of deep fried pound cake. We cut the pound cake into large bite size pieces and fried them up. They were absolutely incredible. This idea was nothing short of genius. The cake maintains it's integrity, softness and all, while gaining a superb crispy outer layer. This is like adding oil to butter fat.

I must say that I let myself down. The idea was thrown out there that I should toss the Cadbury Creme Egg in. I chickened out. In my defense I was just way too tired and waaay stuffed. I now regret the decision; I have been thinking about this possibility (if it can be done) for the past couple of days.
So, I've decided I have to try it. Hopefully in the coming days I will pick up a wok and some peanut/vegetable oil in order to make this happen. Of course if I am going to start this thing, I can't just stop at one Cadbury Creme Egg. I'm thinking I should definitely go for the deep-fried Twinkie. If anyone has any (reasonable) creative ideas that you think I should try, please feel free to post suggestions in the comments section of this blog. Hopefully I can make this happen this weekend and I'll post my findings on what works and what does not.


  1. i know this doesn't necessarily fall under the traditional "pre-packaged" snack definition, but once i deep-fried little balls of goat cheese and it was pretty amazing. and i've heard tell of the fried snickers, though i've never tried it myself.

  2. snickers is DEFINITELY on the list... I'm assuming the chocolate doesn't immediately melt... which is why I want to try the Creme Eggs

  3. kev,
    you have to try fried ice cream. it is an american asian restaurant delicacy. You batter or crumb coat the ball of ice cream and then throw it in.

    Also, as far as home deep frying is concerned a wok is not necessary and may not even be the best option.

    1) You might want to get a deepish pan
    2) also they sell these fry baskets (unlike the rectangular french fry ones you see in the mcd's fry-alators they are round and made for going in a pain at home). The chinese make round spatulas with wire mesh to fish stuff out too.
    3) I have seen mini fryators by cuisinart at home appliance stores for like 40 bucks if you get really into it.
    4) lastly you might want to buy a splash screen (it looks like a round window screen) this protects against random jumping up oil bits---ouch the nasty burns.

    I also have an idea of where to buy all of this stuff in the city and/or on the interwebs.