Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9, 2009

Today's treats:

Lunchtime's snack was a two-pack of Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies (something like that.) They were kind of stale; definitely much stiffer and less chewy than packs of the same brand that I'd bought in the past. Definitely disappointing. You really only get one shot at a lunchtime treat. If the first one sucks you really can't eat another treat without risking getting too stuffed and pretty much ruining the entire lunch experience.

Real-deal snack time is at night for me. This is when snacks can truly be fully enjoyed. Tonight brought a No Sugar Added Fudgsicle into my world. Now I'm not really that big on pop/fudgsicles so I can't really say what a regular, non-No Sugar Added fudgsicle tastes like, but these are certainly adequate. It's not a product where you taste a lack of sweetness due to "No Sugar" b-s. Also downed a few Nestle "Amor" "Waffer" (chocolate wafer crisps). I live in a predominantly Latino neighborhood so this is a Central American product. Tastes just like you would expect any chocolate wafer to taste, however these are a bit thinner than the majority of wafers I've eaten.

This was not a big night for me. These sweets felt like a compromise. I didn't have much in the house and didn't want to go to the store to make an investment in snacks that would surely spill over into the rest of the week.

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