Saturday, March 28, 2009


I just want to take a moment to give thanks to people who have made me excited to create and continue this blog.

Firstly, Lindsey Bourque, for the marvelous pictures. She took the picture that you see up at the top of the screen when you come to the blog. Lindsey took time out of her schedule to help me out and took a ton of pictures, which will rotate as my blog header.
The photos are amazing in quality and I almost feel bad having to reduce them to fit on the web. They carry through not only as phenomenal Snackmaster themed photos, but as incredible portraits too. Many many thanks, Lindsey.
Please check out her website at:

for more amazing photos.

Many thanks to Cassie Raihl who came up with most of the ideas for the photos as well as helping to assist make it all happen. I also have to give credit to Cassie for initially giving me the idea of making a snack-themed blog. Without her, this blog wouldn't be here.

Also, Andrew Graham, deserves a shout for giving me moral support during the shopping spree that preceded the photo shoot. In addition to that, he was actually the man who first christened me "The Snackmaster", so too, without him, there would be no The Snackmaster blog.

Lastly, the followers and people who have taken time out to check the blog. Thanks guys, keep reading. I hope it entertains!

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